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JCT provides bespoke renovation solutions for all types of residential and commercial properties. From adding an extension to your existing home to refurbishing certain rooms to better suit your taste and lifestyle, we have the right team and tools to make it happen.

We undertake renovation and refurbishment projects of all sizes across the entire region of Dubai, presenting our clients with customizable solutions according to their requirements and budgets, always making sure that we exceed their every expectation.

Contact us today to find out how we can transform your property.

Why Renovate? 

interior house

Higher Resale Price

Renovating your property allows you to command a higher resale value and maximize your asset investment returns. Property values can increase by up to 20% following renovation works. 

Renovated properties can also be resold faster, an important factor when considering the real estate market over-supply that Dubai is currently experiencing.

Higher Rental Premiums

Given the increasing supply of commercial and residential properties in Dubai, renovating and redecorating your property would give you a competitive edge, increasing the likelihood of finding an upmarket tenant, and allowing you to command a higher rental income. 

Rental premiums can as much as 20% higher for renovated assets.


Comfortable living

Sometimes your property might need a little bit of work in order to fit your lifestyle needs. You may want more space, different flooring, a new, better quality kitchen or bathroom, or even to install a pool or redesign your garden area. 

Renovating your property to create a more comfortable living environment will certainly help improve your home or office life, and also add value to the property itself.