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An upgraded kitchen can make your house an attractive proposition to potential buyers. Sometimes it can make or break the sale, and in most instances influence the buyer’s decision when purchasing a property.

With most exteriors of villas in Dubai having the same theme and look, buyers place a lot of emphasis on the interior of the property and a big factor is the kitchen. Common questions asked by our customers together with brief answers:

- Can i upgrade my kitchen as opposed to replacing with a new one?

This can be done depending on kitchen and framework/carcass condition. Changing the cabinets, kitchen top and adding some LED strip lights under the cabinets creating more ambiance could easily make a kitchen look stunning.

- Can i upgrade my kitchen that appeals to the masses as am planning to sell after a couple of years?

A contemporary kitchen seems to be the most appealing with Dubai customers irrespective of property style. Bright and neutral colors (e.g. white cabinets) with a contrasting non busy counter top color is quite common. Our advice is be neutral in color combinations and select materials that are not loud and busy - simplicity make a kitchen look great and will always be appealing to buyers. Open plan style kitchens are the most in demand, thus if budget permits spending some money to knock down some walls and allow better access to other all house areas would be advantageous. Upgrading some kitchen equipment may also be required to achieve the final desired look. Stainless steel look appliances are by far the most popular with customers.

- Do I go for a locally made kitchen or should i use a European kitchen supplier?

You can still find suppliers who manufacture their kitchens locally and can still provide a descent quality kitchen. However, European suppliers tend to offer superior quality, but in most cases and depending on material selection this comes with a much higher price. Best to explore both options and select good quality materials that are not extravagant or highly priced that meet desired look and budgets. JCT has worked with customers closely and has affiliations with both local and European suppliers. We would be pleased to help you achieve your kitchen upgrading objectives within your own budgets and ensure an elegant and attractive result.

- What areas in general should i focus when renovating my villa or apartment?

In most of our project’s kitchens have been upgraded or a new one was installed. The other areas that are common in renovations is bathrooms remodeling and flooring works. Upgrading to lighting to LED is being done in almost 90% of all our projects.