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When a tenant or a perspective buyer walks into your property one of the most important areas they examine is the bathrooms. Remodelling your bathrooms can only have a positive impact on resale value creation, higher rental income, but more importantly it provides a hygiene and comfort level for your family.

Our experience suggests that on average 75% of our residential customers tend to renovate the whole bathrooms whereas 25% tend to upgrade certain areas in the bathroom like changing sanitary wares and vanities with the objective of maximizing space.

Some common questions asked are highlighted below:

How do I define a new bathroom layout?

All depends on family needs. If you have small kids then definitely you need at least one bathtub in the property. Even if not, we still suggest that you maintain one bath tub as perspective buyers or tenants may want one. Otherwise, the trend these days are walk in showers with glass shower enclosure. Adding a roof rain shower mechanism would also enhance your showering experience.

A lot of bathrooms include double vanities with wall mounted cabinets for storage. If space is tight, one free standing wash basin with wall mounted cabinet or recessed or built in design by creating a niche would add more valuable storage and character in your bathroom. Cabinet pulls, shower heads and faucets come in a variety of finishes, which allows you to add personality into the bathroom design. Lastly, but not least, implementing LED lights into the bathroom mirrors would add ambience and a unique look to your bathroom.

The final layout should also take into account plumbing provisions and drainage points. Depending on the property type you may not be allowed to relocate any provisions. Therefore, study everything carefully before finalising a new layout, and remember if space seems enough today, going forward it will not be enough, thus do explore ways of incorporating storage into your design.

What materials are best to use in my new bathroom?

In terms of tiling, kindly refer to the news blog area and ‘ceramic vs. porcelain’ brief article. There is a variety of colours and tiles choices for wall and flooring to select, but our advice is to keep it simple and use bright and natural earth colours to add a contemporary touch and make the space look brighter and bigger. Mosaic tiles are quite popular inside the showers.

If you are planning to remodel the whole bathroom by replacing old tiles, you need to ensure that prior to any finishes application your contractor water proofs the area using proper material. Always ask the methodology and material the contractor is quoting and plans to apply.

In general, when remodelling the bathroom all together we strongly suggest that you request the contractor to apply anti fungus, anti-bacterial and high water resistant materials for hygienic reasons. Same applies to grouting, which is another common concern with customers.

How can JCT help?

We can provide you with complete solutions and always in line with your budget. Services among other includes organization and layout planning, drawings including 3D renders, material finishes samples, application, etc.

We look forward to helping you renovate your bathroom. Just contact us.